Backup Android Phone Contacts and SMS


1 Backup Android Phone Contacts

  • Open your Contacts.
  • In the Contacts Click on the Menu.
  • Look for the option “Export To SD”.
  • Now you will be asked for importing the contacts as Vcard and Click Yes.
  • After this, the copy of contacts will be stored in your memory card with the extension .vcf

Backup Android Phone Contacts And SMS [Online]SMS Backup & Restore

Backing up of contacts and sms by using an app is an easy method. This is because the app lets us with various options from storing this backup in various storage methods.
SMS Backup & Restore is a top application to backup the android Contacts and SMS.
  • Download and install this app from Play Store.
  • Now click Backup option.backup
  • Now you will be redirected to a screen like below and save the destination file for the backup file to be stored. This includes uploading the backup file to cloud services or in your phone storage itself.backup
The Restore procedure is simple as like that! You need to install the SMS Backup & Restore application and then click on the Restore button. And after clicking on it, you need to select the location where the backup file is present.backup
Now the backup file will be restored and your contacts list will be updated .

3 Backup Android Phone Contacts to Gmail Account


Android OS was created by Google, it is a known fact and Google had made forced or compulsory to Android users to use an Google account with that device. This Google Account can be used to access all other Google Products Like Gmail, YouTube, Gdrive and many more and from this Gmail can use to Backup your contacts Online.

  • Navigate to Menu and click Settings option.
  • You will find “Account And SYNC” or “Google Account”, click on it.
  • And Click on “SYNC Contacts” once you found it under your connected Google account with androd device.
  • By doing so, your contacts will be backed up to your Google account and this can be accessed by signing in with your respective Google account and heading over to this link Google Contacts.


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