Change Your Boring Facebook Login Screen With Your Image 2015

Welcome Ethical Hacking Readers,If you’re bored with your facebook login screen then just

refresh it with one of the coolest extension FB refresh. 

Follow the steps below to get started.

Installing FB Refresh 

  • First of all you will need to install FB Refresh extension on your Google Chrome browser.

  • Now click on Add To Chrome button to add it to your browser.fb refresh
  • And now you will be asked for confirmation to add the extension to Google Chrome, click Add.fb refresh add
  • Now after adding the extension to Google Chrome, you need to navigate to More Tools-> Extensions.
settings fbrefresh
Then find for the FB Refresh extension on the extensions 
page, and press options.
fb refresh options
Here you will find many settings such as uploading our own 
image as the facebook login page and other customization 
settingsfbrefresh settings
Ethical Hacking !!


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