Download Faceniff apk ((LATEST)) PRO v2.4.4 (LATEST) 2017


Download Faceniff apk 2017

Faceniff apk Cracked [Latest version 2.7] for android is a fantastic app to hack facebook… This Hacking trick made by Mukeshtricks4u With normal faceniff apk, you can hack only 3 accounts at a time but with cracked faceniff apk, which  you are going to download, you can hack unlimited accounts.

Faceniff apk Downloads 2017

Steps to Use:-1)Download Latest version of cracked faceniff apk

Install the apk file and grant root access.
2)Open it and tap on menu.

3)Select Unlock application.

4)It will ask you key. Enter any alphabet and select save.

5)Restart the app.
Click here to download.

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    This Hack is only for educational purpose please sake it for knowledge not for crime purpose.

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