Droidjack Android Hacking Technique 2017


Hacking is a normal in nowadays is a common thing but if you want to learn a hacking to next level then stay tuned with us. Today I will tell you how Droidjack Android Hacking Method works. 

Droidjack Android Hacking Method 2017

Droidjack is the same Java encrypted application like Androrat. There is only some of the little bit difference between Androrat Hacking and DroidJack hacking. The method of Hacking is very easy and efficient guys. Droidjack Hacks Android phones in a couple of minute with a single click.

What is Droid Jack?

Droid Jack is a Windows tool which takes a control over the Victim’s Android phone. It gives a user best Graphical user interface rather than a confusing command. It is a client/server-based program developed in Java Language.

Features of Droid Jack Hack Tool

  • Access File Manager.
  • Trace Location.
  • Record Live Videos & Audio.
  • Click Screenshot or Photo.
  • Get Messages & Contacts.
  • Access Call History.

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How DroidJack Android Hacking Tool Works?

DroidJack works fine on any Windows Computer. Let’s take deep into the article how we can hack android through DroidJack.


Note: Before proceeding to DroidJack Hacking technique note that we are responsible of any wrong activity doing by you which may put you into the illegal cases. The article is only for educational purposes and learning new things.

DroidJack Hacking Tutorial Step by Step:

Step 1: Download DroidJack Hacking Toolkit from here.

Step 2: Extract the zip file and put it into one folder.

Step 3: Now the first thing is ” Open any port of your modem to listen to the commands.” For example, I had open a 1337 port of this application. To open ports go to your modem admin area and port forwarding.

Step 4: Next go to No-ip.org and create aa free host which automatically assign IP for your hostname. Even if your IP address changes it automatically update with your host name.

Step 5: Now go to the second tab Generate APK. And put the name of APK and your host address as I have given below image. Put port number which you have opened in your modem.

droidjack android hacking tool 2017

Step 6: You can also bind the other app with new app so, that no one knows that he/she will be got hacked. Browse app through given box under the dashboard. Tick on bind and click on generate.

droidjack android hacking 2017

Step 6: Go to Device tab and enter the port and start reception.


Step 7: After that install the created app into victim’s Android phone. Whenever the victim’s connected to the internet, you’ll be able to access all the information of victim’s phone.

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That’s all guys if you have any question related to Droidjack hacking tool ask me in the comment box below. If you like this article about “Droidjack Android hacking tricks and tips 2017” then share with friends & on social media.


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