Viber Hacks & Tricks 2017 – Spy Viber App


Viber Hacks & Tricks – Spy on Viber

Viber is a very popular global app used by peoples. It is available for all the platforms like Android, Ios, and Windows. Viber provides good quality voice over net and video calls. There are no yearly subscriptions for the Viber Application. So, today we will discuss here the latest Viber Hacks & tricks.

Why do People need to Hack Viber?

Sometimes parents need to check what their kids do online on social media. And the sometimes time you need to test the loyalty of your loved one. So, for that reason, peoples need to know about their personal life. Let’s talk about hacking tricks for Viber.

viber hacks & tricks 2017
Viber Hacks 2017

Using SPY Method

It is the best and easiest¬†way to hack Viber in 2017. Cause doesn’t need any extra skills to Spy Vibers. Here is a list of things you can do with Spy apps.

  • Read Full Viber chat.
  • Get details of Number and Name.
  • Access photos and videos.
  • Access anytime.

There are lots of spyware available on the internet with a small price. You can buy spyware, or we have some free software also which can you found all features. So, if you want to go with free, then I have a short tutorial for you guys. Let’s do it.

List of some amazing Viber spying apps:

  1. TruthSpy
  2. Mobile Spy
  3. MSpy
  4. Flexy Spy
  5. Hover Watch

Let’s Discuss the Truth Spy App

Follow the steps below to Viber Hacks through TruthSpy:

  1. The first step is to download a Truth Spy App into target device from here guys.Viber Hacks & Tricks 2017
  2. Before installation note that to tick on Unknown source by going into setting>Application manager> Unknown Source 
  3. After installing an app you need to create an account on the truthSpy site, or if you already have an account on the site just click on login button as given below.viber hacking tricks 2017
  4. Sometimes on an installing time, it may ask for some permissions like access to various functions. So, allow these permissions and click next.
  5. When the configuration menu will be open click on “Hide App icon from the desktop.” It is for hiding the icon showing on the desktop. To open the app again, you have to dial this code “#2013*”.

Note: The root access is required to read social messages like WhatsApp, Viber, and Facebook. Root devices are worked fine other than regular smartphones. It may take 15 minutes to extract social messages, but in the regular phones, it will take 1 or 3 days for news messages. Read Here: How to root Android

After all the settings, go to the Login Area, And Login into your Account to check latest messages. I recommend you to restart cell phone once to make app work fine.

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