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Whatsapp is the best Social Application designed for almost all operating systems. The most popular social media app which is used peoples all over the world. There are other Whatsapp Alternatives also in the tech market which I found impressive after using. Let’s have discussed over best WhatsApp Alternatives of 2017. 

Whatsapp had just made a buzz in the market since it released. No app in the market can beat this awesome social media app. I just remembered the day, In which the Whatsapp released, and I just thought that It would not go so long. But I was wrong. The time changed and everyone using the Whatsapp. Now I also use WhatsApp in almost my free time. Sometimes we just bored cause of so much use of WhatsApp. And want to know about more alternatives of WhatsApp. Here are the some of best WhatsApp alternatives I listed.

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Whatsapp Alternatives of 2017

The listed choices are totally on my interest. There are no specific reasons behind this list. Just use them and enjoy.

#1. Hike

The on and only my favorite app, which I used most after WhatsApp. Hike is very easy to setup and easy to do communication app. The most interesting thing about the app is. It has so many stickers in its sticker store that I used. The smileys are updated with time to time. Even a Local language can also help me to communicate with my friends. That is why I love the way it worked, and the Graphical user interface is just like premium chatting app. Even Whatsapp does not have stickers.

whatsapp alternatives

The most interesting feature is that “You can communicate without the internet if your friends are in the 70m circles”. Firstly you have to connect to a hotspot and after that enjoy the free chatting. There are also very similar features like WhatsApp.

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#2. Telegram

It was launch in 2014-2015. So, within a short time, the application has been downloaded by many Android users. After some time it was also available for the iPhone users in Itunes store. I use telegram for only send files. Cause it provide cloud system to save your files and send the files to the destination friends.

whatsapp alternatives telegram

If you want something more then WhatsApp then you must try the telegram social app. You can send RAR files, Office files, and multimedia files. Also, you can create a group of members more than WhatsApp group.

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#3. Kik Messengers

Kik messenger is the oldest one, which is come into existence in 2009. The Kik messengers are easy to use. You don’t need any mobile number to use the Kik messenger. It is available for free on all the platforms. The Kik Messenger comes with an inbuilt browser, which let to share the multiple files at once.

whatsapp alternatives Kik

In Kik messengers, you have to add friends by using Kik username. You can send images and gif multimedia files guys over Kik messengers.

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#4. Viber

Viber is firstly famous for only video chat and voice chatting. But later the people uses it also for text chatting. So, that’s why it is on the list. Viber is providing its users various things like photo sharing, location sharing, etc. all around the world. There is no need to do a registration for use this app.

whatsapp alternatives viber

Viber provides end to end encryption; that means you don’t need to worry about the security. Viber offers some online games to play. So, that means you don’t get bored when you are free. The app is very popular in some countries for its voice calls functions.

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#5. Line

The Line app is similar to the WhatsApp. The setup process is same like a WhatsApp. The line also provides voice calls and lots of stickers. It offers all the features like image, video and video callings.

whatsapp alternatives line

It supports HD Video calling and voice calling. You can use this without any subscription guys.

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If you know, any other Best Whatsapp alternatives then do us know in the comment box, guys. Do share and subscribe to our blog for more tricks & tips.


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