OMG! Hackers Hacked FBI Officers Data Online


FBI Website Hacked and Data had been leaked online by Hacker

The shocking news had been coming from the Hacking News. An old member of Hacking world known as CyberZeist claimed that he hacked FBI Website. He also claimed that he leaked online data of FBI officers.

FBI is known for its high security and loyalty. FBI is a one of the top force in World. I think that they must do something for making their safety more powerful. They should try to make their data and files more secure. Because the latest new will blow your mind guys.

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Let’s talk about what exactly happen. A hacker tried to hack FBI website and successfully hacked website. A hacker named CyberZeist has hacked the official website of FBI and leaked the information of officers. The news says that the information of emails names and encrypted password has hacked online.

hacked fbi
hacked FBI

FBI used an open source program to manage their website. CMS is a content management system application for handling FBI sites. The hacker took advantage of weak point & hacked website in less time. Hacker CyberZeist managed his work by doing research on localhost server and manipulate pythons plugin.

Some online source is saying that the detail of vulnerability is on sale on the dark internet, by which some new black hat hackers discovers new methods of attacks.

The fact is that CMS is considered as one of the safest platforms in nowadays. FBI and CIA use it; even a king Google also used CMS platform. CyberZeist just alerted the organizations to make their files secure. Plone CMS has recently announced that they launch a new security patch for CMS in next January 2017.

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According to FBI official statement has been made which is that “The holes are no actually related to the attack done by CyberZeist.” FBI also announced that the assault was done using Photoshop and the data which is leaked fake.

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