Why Los Angeles College Pays $28000 To Hackers?


Hackers are like doing some severe cases in last some business days. Black hat hackers stole the files of Los Angeles College. Hacker just demands 28,000 dollars to save their data back to them.

Hackers attacked the Los Angeles Valley College, and Ransomware affected the Computer Network. They demanded US $28,000 payment in Bitcoins to get their files back online.

Ransomware malware attack

In winter break, the cyber attack had been made, and online data, financial aid, email and voice systems, including 1800 students computer locked down. The staff members computers are also locked down by hackers. The Los Angeles College do its best to get their files back, but nothing happened.

In the end, Los Angeles Community College District agreed to Hackers demand. They will be agreed to pay 28,000 US dollars in bitcoins to hackers to resume their work. The pirates demand to pay the ransom within a week. Even they gave a warning if the payment will not pay within a week, they will go to delete all the files and records.

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The thing we have notices that “Like other victim’s Valley College Department does not have any backup of documents and data.” Which is a huge mistake they have made? That’s why they are agreed to pay 28,000 US dollars to the Hackers. Otherwise, there are no chances of paying the ransom.

According to the Valley College, the amount they paid is cheaper and easy to pay for removing unwanted decryption of the files. The statement made it clear that the amount of ransom is very affordable for them, that’s why they paid. After paying the Ransom, they will be able to decrypt the valuable data files.

The college was lucky at that point; cause ransomware is a very highly decrypted virus. Sometimes in return’s the victim does not get the real key and data will be wiped out. The example is “recently developed KillDisk Ransomware that only targets the Linux¬†OS, demands 218,000 dollars to decrypt data, but in return, format all the information permanently.

The 2 example I have given here for the Ransomware attack. In March last year, the computers of Los Angeles are locked down by the cooks and all the sensitive files are encrypted by hackers. In that accident, Hospital made a payment of $17,000.

Since last year, we had seen so many ransomware attacks and the only way to secure data is to start an automated backup technique.



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