What is Mobile Network Jammer? How to Create Network Jammer?


What is Mobile Network Jammer? How to Create Network Jammer?

There are lot’s of new technologies are introduced with peoples in nowadays. Today we will talk about the one of the best and unique technology. Which is Mobile Network Jammer? I will be going to tell you how you can make the Mobile Network Jammer and how it works. As its name, you can have an idea of the Device, that it is used to jam the Mobile Networks within an Area. Below we will discuss the Android phone Signal Jammer and how we can create a Mobile Network Jammer?

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mobile network jammer

What is Mobile Network Jammer?

Basically, the Mobile Network Jammer is used to Jam the Signal of any electronic device. But mostly the peoples have used these signal Jammer to Jam the Android Smartphone Networks. But here we only going to talk about the Android phone Network Jammer.

Network Signal Jammer is an Electronic device, which transmitted own signal in between the Mobile frequency range, But the power of the Signal transmitted from the Mobile Network Jammer more powerful than the Mobile Phone Signals. That’s how it is controlling the flow of the Mobile Signal, it totally blocks it to reach the Network Sub-Stations.

How Network Jammer Works to Block Signals?

Did you know, whenever you dial a number, your Android phone sends the signals to nearest Sub-Station. After that, the Sub-Station sends the Signal’s to the number which you have dialed. That’s how you will connect to the call with each other.

without network signal jammer

Mobile Network Jammer works like a Wall between the Phone and the Sub-Stations. Which block the signal transmitted from the device & blocks the signal’s come from the Mobile Network jammer. After when the Signal Jammer is on, you can’t make any call to the receiver. Mobile Signal Jammer works perfectly because of it’s Transmitted Powerful signal.

with Mobile Network Signal Jammer

How We Create a Mobile Network Jammer?

If you have some knowledge about the Oscillator, RF Amplifier, and Tuning Circuit, then you can easily create the Cell Phone Network Jammer. But if you don’t have any idea Idea about these circuits, then it may be very difficult for you. For learn to make the Mobile Network Jammer you must know some Electronics terms below:

  • Cellular Frequency Range ( All Countries).
  • RF Amplifier.
  • Oscillator.
  • Running Circuit.
  • Noise Generator.
  • Antena.

These are the basics components for the Mobile Network Jammer, If you want to make the own Network Jammer, then you must have known about these things. Below I have discussed the method of making the Network Zammer.

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mobile network jammer

  • In 1st Step: You should know the Cellular Frequency range in your country. After that buy all these components from the Market. 
  • In 2nd Step: After that connect all components in an Aluminium box with the Tunning Circuit. If you guys are facing problems to create a circuit follow the instructions in below given Video.

Check Out Video Here

If you don’t want to create the Android mobile Jammer by yourself then you can buy it from the Online shopping portals like Amazons and Ebay. Don’t break the rule, keep in mind. You are not allowed to use the Signal Jammer in Public Area.

So, know are aware of the Mobile Network Jammer. And how it works to block the signals? I am not going into deep because there are many beginners which are unaware of basics things like Tunning circuits etc.


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