How to Unlock Micro SD Card Using Es File Explorer


Hey, the guy’s have tried to Unlock Micro SD Card using your Android phone or you are wasting your money for that task. Many people get in such situation whenever they change their Micro SD Card or insert into the new device. Today we will Gonna talk about the “How to Unlock Micro SD Card using simple steps“. Let’s have a discussion on guys.

Micro SD card is the most important chip of our life it stores lot’s of data like Images, Videos and Documents. Some peoples tried to lock down their SD card but some time they loose their Micro SD Card Password. So, today we had a Password unlocking trick below

Unlock Micro SD Card using Es File Explorer

Sometimes people just put down the password on Micro SD card by mistake, or some people just lose their password and don’t remember it. After that, they have to face lots of problems like no access to contacts or Social media. If you are one of them who lose their Micro SD Card Password then Here I am going to tell you about the Method to unlock the Micro SD/Memory Card. Basically, I am going to tell you how you can Access and modify the SD/Memory Card Data.

unlock micro sd card using ES file explorer

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How Micro SD Card Get Locked or Protected by Password

Many users just lock down their Computer or mobile devices themselves. But sometimes the Memory card gets locked automatically because of low-quality Mobile phones. The user who locks their Micro SD card themselves knows how to unlock the Password protected SD card, but those who don’t know how micro SD card is locked, get stuck into a problem. They must read the below given points:-

  • The Locked SD card works only on the phone from which it was set as Protected SD card.
  • The data can only access from the default device.
  • Whenever you will try to open the memory card in Computer or another mobile phone, It will not open.

How to Unlock Micro SD Card – Working Trick

There are lots of tricks available on the internet, which are used for cracking or unlocking the Micro SD card devices. But many of them are fake and some tricks will delete your Micro SD Card Data. So, before trying any trick make sure you have a backup of the data. Otherwise, follow our trick, it is totally safe and doesn’t play with your data.

Trick to Unlocking the Micro SD/Memory Card is Here

Follow the tricks to Unlocking your Micro SD/Memory Card guy’s:-

  1. Download and Install the ES File Explorer App from Playstore.
  2. Enter the Password protected Memory Card/SD Card on your Android phone.
  3. Open ES File Explorer App and Go to System Folder.
  4. In System Folder you will find a MMCSTORE file.
  5. You have to rename the file as mmcstore.txt.
  6. Now open file and you will find your Memory/SD card password there.
  7. Now you can visit the phone by which the memory card is locked.
  8. Go to Password Remove option and put down the password you got in a text file.

As I know that there is no other best tool for cracking the SD card Password tool, I will suggest you to use the ES File Explorer to crack or unlock Micro SD Card. There is no other tool like ES File Explorer. Read our other article below.

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